Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Today executives from various fields are found to be focused on maintaining the customer satisfaction levels by optimum utilization of technology and reducing operational costs. Adapting to the rapidly changing technology trends and deploying IT best practices to achieve business goals are the key challenges for many businesses. Mostly businesses initiate the IT project without knowing the possible risk factors or what the project will deliver, which can result in a huge loss in terms of time and money.


Software Consultation, Training, Implementation & Business Analysis

Why us?

EMAK Solution is a pioneer provider of Information Technology Consultation (IT Consulting or Software consultancy) Services . We have highly talented and well qualified IT consultants, always focused on helping businesses with their extensive industry knowledge and expertise in using Information technology at its best for a successful implementation of a software project and business process improvement. Our aim is to support and guide you so that you can leverage mobile technology.Whether your firm is considering building an in-house team, whether you need someone to develop a ‘one off’, or whether you need someone to manage the full end-to-end process; EMAK Solution can assist your firm during any stage.What do we do?

What do we offer?

  • Tactical placement and customization of the services so that targeted user group is best served.
  • Reduces operational costs by figuring out the best and most cost-effective IT processes for your business.
  • Replaces expensive and time-consuming processes with cost-effective and efficient ones, so that business targets are achieved quickly and in a cost-effective manner. This pushes up your return on investment.
  • Help you embrace the best practices that are a benchmark in IT industry.
  • Puts you on the path of continuous improvement, so work process is streamlined and optimized.

What makes us different?

  • Our IT consultants perform a gap analysis to know the shortcomings in the core software processes your business have adopted. We properly study the software methodology adopted and identify the inherent weakness. The prime objective is to root out immature processes from the IT system, which cause low scalability, inconsistency in output and ultimately reduce your overall business productivity.
  • As a responsible IT consultant, we help you simplify and improve the core IT processes in your organizations so that your IT infrastructure is optimized and aligned to generate the desired business revenues.
  • Our IT consultant helps you identify and choose the right software program and vendor to best serve your business interest. We perform a total cost of ownership analysis to ascertain that you are getting highest ROI from the selected software.
  • Our IT consultation expert helps in integrating a new software application into your business model. Our team is capable of addressing the incompatibility issues that may occur between the existent system and new software application and ensure the integration is done smoothly.
  • If you find a software program that has many features in it but lacks a feature or two, crucial for your business then we perform functionality gap analysis and advice on how to customize the particular software application, to meet your needs.