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School Management System | ISS & SMS

"Education is the Key to Success" keeping this marvelous quote in mind our extremely talented minds have developed three different models School Management Software comprising of more than 30+ Features, ISS Cloud, ISS Desktop & SMS the classic each app can cover needs or a small, mid or large-scaled school or institute, making us the best School Management System provider for a 360 Degree Visibility and Administration of any Institution. Our products are comprehensive School Automation Softwares offered by EMAK Solution that provides you with numerous benefits out of which some are stated below. School Management Software all three models are integrated with modern techniques and next generation technologies that help to handle and manage all school/Institute tasks and activities under a single roof.

There is a bunch of benefits that makes ISS surprisingly unique. School Management System gives you almost unlimited benefits, out of which some are stated below.

  • Increases Enrollment
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Unique Academic Backup System
  • Easy Sorting/Retrieving of Data
  • Simplified Education
  • Best & User-friendly
  • Completes the organizational data
  • Virtualization saves a lot of time for both students & teachers
  • Improves Internal security of school by saving full visitors record
  • Streamlines the educational process
  • Strengthen relationship with parents
  • Reduces communication costs
  • Better insights of all departments
  • Increases productivity with efficiency
  • Greater security through access control
  • Real-time updates to students, teachers & students via online login
  • And much more
ISS- School Management System in Pakistan - Powered by EMAK Solution

ISS - School Management System Overview

Managing and handling the activities of schools is considered to be a difficult and time-consuming task, each and every department is important to be handled in order to ensure it's proper functioning. School management system is developed to overcome all issues and help management to manage all setups & tasks more accurately and efficiently. 
If you are looking for a powerful school management system, then you're at right place, EMAK Solution is providing completely innovative school management System on most reasonable price. Consisting of 20+ super modules and features, school management system by EMAK Solution gives you a better insight of your Institute which allows management to take timely decisions.  
Our School Management System consists of following optimistic features:  
  • Registration
  • Admissions
  • Attendance of students
  • Attendance of staff
  • Computerized fee vouchers
  • Complete student records
  • Parents information
  • Fee defaulters
  • SMS (Short-message-service) to teachers
  • SMS (Short-message-service) to parents
  • Result/Grading
  • Promotions of passed students in new classes
  • Multi-User
  • Role-based security to authorize operation of users in certain areas only through user manager
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Backup/Restore facility included for easy backups of database
  • Emails to parents
  • Working over LAN
  • Reports
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Day to day expense recording
  • Curricular template (Only one-time entry needed)
  • SMS templates for fast sending of messages
  • And much more
EMAK Solution's first model of School Management System was SMS (releasted 2014 & last updated 11/2018), the version is still available & regularly updated. While users & clients were extremely satisfied with SMS our proactive minds kept adapting new ideas & understanding the new advanced technological hypothesis. After countless months of working we unleashed the new & more advanced model named as ISS- School Management System also sometimes referred as Modern SMS. The software is based on same tech i.e .NET Framework & similar structure to that of SMS but with extremely innovative features listed below.  
ISS is a name of innovation. We have been working in industry for more than a decade & we can proudly conclude that no one can understand modern day needs of schools, their management & administration better than us. We have seen them spending countless hours on MS Excel & registers for simplest works that are a shot of minute for our School Management System, but now this has to END!  
ISS is going to be your all in one partner. Whether you are a small school or a chain of Schools, ISS can bring you a peace of mind. Detailed Features of ISS are as follows:  

Master Setups

    •  School Information
    • School Bus
    • Batch/Section
    • Class
    • Class Type
    • Nationality
    • Fees Setup


    • Hostel Information
    • Room Detail
    • Room Bed Plan


    • Student Information
    • Student List
    • Daily Attendance
    • Promotion / Improvement


    • Chart of Account
    • Single Entry
    • Double Entry
    • Generate Fees
    • Fee Voucher Posting in GL
    • Fee Receipt
    • Fee Receipt Posting in GL


    • Supplier Information
    • Book Information
    • Book List
    • Book Issue
    • Book Return
    • Barcode Print


    • Setting
    • Draft
    • SMS Sent


    • Setting
    • Email Sent


    • User
    • Permission
    • User Log
    • Change Password


    • Student Information
    • Attendance Summary
    • Supplier List
    • Book List
    • Book Issue
    • Book Return
    • Barcode Print
    • Pending Fees
    • Print Fee Vouchers
    • Fee Collection
    • Trial Balance
    • Accounts Ledger
    • Fee Ledger
    • User Log
ISS (Cloud Based School Automation System) was launched in  August 2017. Built on international standard of role-based logins & access. ISS is developed to turn your school/institute into a completely digital foundation.

It is based on portal type structure where parents can login to view progress of their kids, manage invoices & fees, contact teacher via in-software messaging, view attendance, grades, routines & much more, While the teachers have capability to insert attendance, grading, publish student progress, talk to parents & submit requests to administrator. The most intriguing part is that whole processing is completely secured & role based i.e a IV Class math teacher is only capable of managing grading of IV Mathematics same goes on for each of the role/module.

Our ISS Cloud School System has a wide demand internationally & has a successful running record in over 7 countries World-Wide.

List of detailed features of ISS - Cloud based School Management Software:


Intuitive analytical data based dashboard.

Role based logins :

Administrators, teachers, students and parents can login and see their respective menus e.g. fees payment, online/offline examination & their marks, online assignments, downloading of academic material and much more.

e-Messaging :

e-Messaging module allows your staff, students, parents or teachers to message each other seamlessly within app without need of knowing personal contact information.


e-Contact allows administrator to send SMS or Emails to students via API connection (one time setup)

e-News :

Each user can view news from their dashboard at e-News Board.


e-Event allows you to publish scheduled events which are also visible on the website so students can easily confirm their invitation & interest.

e-Calendar :

e-Calendar will summarize all the upcoming important dates for student, parent or teacher so they do not miss important dates.

e-Attendance :

e-Attendance allows you to record attendance of students & teachers.

e-Schedules :

Exams date sheet is dynamically printed & published via ISS.

e-Assignments :

e-Assignment is all-in-one solution for each class to have their own assignment readable via any device & complete it.

e-Payroll :

Dynamically Manage employees/Teachers payroll.

e-Examination :

e-Examination is an intuitive way of taking online quizzes from students & doing automatic grading.

e-Dormitories :

Storing details of your school dormitories

e-Classes/Sections :

Add & manage your school classes and sections.

e-Routine :

e-Routine allows you to dynamically create class routines & publish/print them.

e-Subjects :

Add subjects with their relation to teachers

e-Library :

Create online library by either download or book availability on library physically by issuing & receiving.

Multi Language :

Software has capability to speak your language.


e-Hostel helps in managing hostel associated with the school.


Attractive library listing all your school photos & videos.

e-Accounting :

Complete fee management.

e-Transportation :

Transport information for students.

e-Expenses :

Day to day expenses recording with its category.

e-Certification :

Dynamic Certificate templates to create certificate within a few clicks.

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