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eInventory – Inventory Management System from EMAK Solution is a crucial technology component that will enable your outlet or enterprise to serve its customers in a much more better way and aid employees with trading transactions and controls.

e-Inventory is a premium inventory management system powered by Microsoft .NET framework that consists of very innovative features. Now, manage all your sales, purchases, revenues and inventory with just your fingertips. This robust technology makes all your tasks done with automation, and it’s user-friendly structure provides you a joy to work.


  • Decreased Service Time
  • Order Accuracy
  • Secured Cash Transactions
  • Auditing Fuctions
  • User ID Management
  • Record Tracking
  • Better GUI to reduce training burden
  • Full performance and control
  • Individual Server Reports
  • Sales Reporting
  • Custom Payment Systems i.e Credit Card, Cash Payment etc
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Level and consumption
  • Full analytics of sales, purchases, consumption, and rates
  • Reconcile Physical Inventory with POS Inventory
  • Full record of date of purchase, delivery, quantity and
  • purchase/sales prices
  • Alerts to rotate/use stock
eInventory - Inventory Management System and point-of-sales in Pakistan | Powered by EMAK Solution

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